Great Parenting Skills for Navigating Your Kid's Personality

By Kate Jones, M.Ed. and Wayne Jones, M.Ed.

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Do you sometimes wonder if your child stays up at night trying to figure out how to drive you crazy? Or do you sometimes ask the question, “Why can’t he/she be more like me?”

This book guides you through an exploration of the four temperaments, including a discovery of your own personal type and your parenting preferences. The book is designed as a parenting Roadmap in which you will learn effective parenting techniques geared to your child’s specific behavioural pattern, while promoting positive self-esteem in each child. It supports the notion that every child has the potential to be unlocked.

The book identifies stresses and challenges that face each temperament. You will explore how your respective journeys mesh and how you can better detect potential pitfalls. As you work to smooth out these bumps you will learn to crack the code of your child’s unique personality. In addition, the four temperaments learn differently and so require specific environments at home and school to prosper. Parents will find ways to encourage learning and cooperation so that homework wars can be a thing of the past!

Great Parenting Skills (GPS) appeal is strengthened by its theoretical, practical and experiential foundations, resulting in payoffs:

  • Discovering kids’ strengths, while understanding their limitations

  • Better communication with your kids

  • Less conflict and better relationships with your kids

  • Stronger families

Readers' Reviews

Brilliant! People often say they wish that children came with an instruction manual. Well this is about as close as it comes to granting that wish. A delightful and insightful guidebook, jam-packed with practical scenarios and strategies. A must-read for parents who really want to create the most joyful journey for themselves and their kids.

Carole Cameron


Splash! An Introvert's Guide to Being Seen Heard and Remembered

The book is designed as a parenting Roadmap. Whether you see your child as organized like Mary Poppins, a dreamer like Ariel, funloving like Peter Pan or inquisitive like Jack Sparrow, this book will thrill and enlighten your imagination and help you see new ways to foster you child’s natural inclinations. Great Parenting Skills (GPS) Roadmap helps children explore their positive nature. The Roadmap helps parents to know when to encourage, monitor, recognize and support their child’s abilities. It supports the notion that every child has the potential to be “the little engine that could.”

The authors Kate and Wayne, take us on an exploratory adventure where Disneyland and its characters emerge with real, usable, meaningful insights into your parenting journey. You will be able to grasp features about your parenting journey that deepen your understanding of your children and yourselves. This is an exciting opportunity to appreciate how relationships with your children develop and are sustained. An important aspect of this book, in my view, is its assimilation of examples from the journals of children. Lived stories are compelling and offer unique personal insight into the complex situations that often cause parental stresses.

Dr. Ruth Anne Fraser, PhD

Based on their popular parenting workshops, Great Parenting Skills is a “must have” resource for anyone who has children or grandchildren, or works with kids. Wayne and Kate base their practical tips on a deep understanding of temperament – knowing your own personality and that of your child(ren). There is a brief personality self assessment in chapter one which provides the necessary background to appreciate the many scenarios and anecdotes which bring this book to life and make it so readable.

The authors take you to Disneyworld to illustrate the four colourful personality types and what makes each so interesting. The Organized GOLD child, who appreciates duties and responsibilities and a sense of community, loves Main Street U.S.A. For the Authentic BLUE child, whose life revolves around relationships, Fantasyland is a favourite destination. Adventureland is where it’s at for the Resourceful Orange kids who seek freedom and spontaneity. The Inquiring GREEN children find stimulation in Tomorrowland as they appreciate knowledge and competency in their world.

Wayne and Kate also take a look at Introversion/Extraversion – key elements in further understanding how children (and adults) make sense of their world. Their real life stories and anecdotes illustrate how we can understand, communicate with, and enjoy our kids more fully.

Sue Stephenson

Founder and President

Stand UP for Student Well-Being